Uninvited Guest

Author’s Note – Many thanks to my mother, who took this photo Monday afternoon and inspired this post. Try to imagine this raccoon having the voice of either Joe Pesci, James Gandolfini or Christopher Walken….

unwanted guest

What you lookin’ at lady?!? It’s not my fault you put the suet out here.  It’s for the birds? Well if ya snooze, ya lose in my opinion. They could have eaten if it they wanted to!   At least I won’t have to crawl through your garbage can tonight. Since ya started composting, your garbage sucks! And yeah, it’s a little weird for me to be out this time of day, but I couldn’t sleep.   I have 16 kids -the rugrats were makin’ too much noise so I thought I’d get away from the den for a while.  And now you’re threatening me with rubber bands?!?! Really! You put out a buffet and then shoot the guests….and I’m the one with the problem? Lady, you oughta just relax and let me enjoy my meal in peace. Yeesh! Humans, can’t live with ‘em and ya can’t bite ‘em.