Fourth And Goal – Part V: Destiny

The last part of my BeKindRewrite Voices Week quintet. Hope you enjoyed it!

Earle Collison wasn’t your typical football fan. At the age of 89, he’d been a Bears season ticket holder for 55 years, a record for even the most dedicated of football alumni. Nearly seventy years earlier he had been an offensive tackle and he felt the same thrill watching his team take the field as he had as a player. The Bears were playing their hated rivals, the Cardinals, for the right to play in the national semifinals and hadn’t beaten them in 38 years; it was impossible not to get swept up in the excitement.

“Help me up honey.”

“What is it, Dad, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, honey, “ he smiled, taking her arm and slowly getting to his feet. His knees had given out years ago—such was the fate of an offensive lineman—but loyalty demanded that he stand. “I just want to support my team.”

They held hands as the whistle sounded, the roar of the stadium making his heart pound.  The ball was snapped and Earl held his breath as Jack faked the handoff and the linebackers followed the running back up the sideline.

“Quarterback sweep,” he murmured.  “Go Jack, go!”

Six yards. Eighteen feet. In nine seconds it was over. The team and fans swarmed the field, jubilant in their victory.

Earl Collison could die a happy man.

(word 224 – screw the word count, I just want to write;)