Unconscious Mutterings #4

Another list from Lunanina. Visit here if you want to play along.

Drive thru –I can’t believe how crazy the new Starbucks drive through is now. Guess if I want hot chocolate, I’ll just make it myself.

Horse power — My next car definitely needs more of this.

Plates — I love that my everyday china plates remind me of my grandmother. They’re blue and white and remind me of all the pretty china she had.

Coffee break — Mine would be better at work if we had coffee instead of sludge in the coffee pots.

Dress — I was going to wear a dress to work today, but thought better of it with the wind as bad as it is.

Ferrarri — My husband’s dream car would be a Ferrarri Testa Rosa

Bangs — Now that I’m older, I’m glad my bangs make me look younger, but when I was a teenager, I hated that.

Charisma — Charisma can either be a good thing or a frightening thing depending on who has it.

Muffler — Can’t figure out why my car sounds like it needs a muffler, but it’s totally embarassing.

Crossroads — If I came to a crossroads, I’m not sure which path I would take.

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