Line Up!

Author’s Note: From – what was the longest amount of time you’ve spent waiting on line for something? What was it and was it worth the wait? Originally written 1/20/16

The longest line I’ve ever stood in was back on Friday December 6, 1991 when my best friend and I waited for tickets to the Star Trek VI premiere at the Chesterfield Town Center cinema (which is now a Barnes and Noble). I don’t know how we talked our moms into it since they’d have to take us and sit through the movies themselves (neither of them were Star Trek fans, but they knew we were excited about it, so they humored us). but they took us directly to the mall after school. We were there for about two hours or so before the ticket window even opened, and maybe another two before the seating started, but it was fun and probably more exciting than it should have been given it marked us both as serious nerds. The ability to pre-order tickets has pretty much taken away the thrill of lining up on opening night for movies, which makes this one of my favorite teenage memories.